JUNIOR SHOWTIME 2020 DATES ARE NOW CONFIRMED…..Friday 24th July,Friday 31st July , Sunday 9th & Sunday 16th August !

ALSO JUST FOR FUN with Adele’s Fawlty Tappers is at Rhyl Town Hall on Wednesday December 4th ( both Musical Theatre classes are involved in this by the way).


Personal details including emergency phone numbers & fees

Can we just remind everyone the FEES YOU OWE are sent as an invoice on the new portal you have filled in we don’t have a list at the room like we used to do , so check your invoice please .

Please add contact details by logging in to your portal and going to edit your details and add the relevant contact details ! We’re not being a pain this is an essential for health and safety reasons some of your children spend 4 nights a week with us and we have NO Phone numbers

Also on the portal there is a box to say you have read our code of conduct this was sent out as an email and you need to select YES on the drop down menu. This is a legal requirement. We have hard copies available on request

New term

Don’t forget new term starts tomorrow Monday September 9th and hopefully you have all filled in details on our new admin portal with all you need to know on it.