Junior Showtime 2018

JUNIOR SHOWTIME REHEARSAL DATES IN THEATRE ARE AS FOLLOWS…..MONDAY 23rd JULY 11am – 5pm…..TUESDAY 24 th JULY 2.30pm – 5.30pm….. THURSDAY 26th JULY 2.30pm – 5.30pm and DRESS RUN FRIDAY 27th JULY 10.30am – 1.30pm…

All details will be emailed out at a later date with instructions for any new parents and children , all children are invited to take part in the show.


thanks Adele

Email from FB

Hi, some people couldn’t  read the email I received the week before last  from Mike re Pasha on FB so I have added it on here, as I said I wasn’t surprised as Mike and Pasha had mentiond there had been problems this year from people asking why it was us doing it again ! As I said on FB shame people couldn’t just be happy for you! Here’s the email………
Dear Adele,  

Hi, hope all is well. 


I just wanted to send a courtesy email to you and explain the situation re Pashas tour for 2018. 


Last year many theatres came under increased pressure from other schools and parents in the area as to why the same schools were being used time after time. And whilst this year I was able to hold firm and not bow to the pressure – Next year I won’t be so lucky and already some venue managers have said they simply can’t ignore the calls, emails and letters of anger anymore – and it should be an opportunity that is given to another school.


Therefore, with regret I write to say that for next year, I will have to approach a different school to join us in Rhyl.  


It has been an absolute pleasure and a delight having you join us in Rhyl for the last few years and I know, like me, Pasha is a big fan of your school too. As the children and the commitment, energy and enthusiasm just shone through in all they did. 


I cannot thank you enough for your involvement – and hope that in the future you will once again join us on stage. 


Best wishes, 
Mike Newman .  
MNJ Productions Ltd 

Mike Newman Jnr 



Personal details & fees

If you have not completed the GHD Policy Statement/Contact Form online please do so as soon as possible.

Also unless you have arranged a payment date with me, fees are due at the first class back.


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Parking reminder

Please remember there is no parking or driving into the car park at the school at any time. You must park on the road. This is at the request of the school so we can adhere to their health and safety policy and comply with their insurance.

Notice’s and Info

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