Junior Showtime 2019

As I posted and emailed out last term ,Due to other shows being booked in by the Theatre we are only able to do 3 Junior Showtimes this year and there is a 2 week gap between the 1st and 2nd.




Personal details & fees

If you have not completed the GHD Policy Statement/Contact Form online please do so as soon as possible.

Also unless you have arranged a payment date with me, fees are due at the first class back.


We have now joined the 21st Century and have a Facebook group. You must send us a request to join and we’ll add you.

Joey and Jodie will post a lot of information, however I do manage to myself sometimes 🙂

Parking reminder

Please remember there is no parking or driving into the car park at the school at any time. You must park on the road. This is at the request of the school so we can adhere to their health and safety policy and comply with their insurance.

Notice’s and Info

Can I please remind everyone that we send out the majority of our information via email and to the email address that you supplied us with. It is therefore really important you let us know if your email address changes.

Also if anyone isn’t receiving emails from us or you’re having difficulty opening them please let us  know so that we can try and resolve the issue. Occasionally our name causes issues so make sure you add us to your email contacts.

Contacting me

My email is checked between 10am and 1pm most days during term time, during holiday periods I check them less frequently.

I do not pick up emails on my phone (as most of you know I hate technology), so I am not contactable 24/7.